Accessibility Path for the System

Formal testing

WGAG Audit phase 1

  • In Progress
  • Retest

WGAG Audit Phase 2

  • Re-test
  • Expert Review – assessment of template pages using assistive technology (screen reader, screen magnifier and voice recognition software)
  • Once all technical issues have been identified, the focus of the testing will be to work with users to make sure that the user experience is appropriate for them.

Accessibility User Testing Groups

  1. Screen reader users
  2. Voice recognition users
  3. Screen Magnifiers
  4. Dyslexic users
  5. Deaf Users
  6. Users with English as a second language
  7. Users with fine motor skills needs
  8. Users with learning difficulties

Testing as required, prompted by:

  1. Code changes that have an impact on the GUI
  2. New versions of assistive technology
  3. Significant updates to browsers

The aim is to meet WCAG 2.0 Level A and AA checkpoints by the launch. Ongoing support and benchmarking of performance can be provided on an annual basis. ?