Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need to register to use the purchasing platform?

Catalogue content is commercially-licenced to CCS, and supplier pricing is specific to public sector users buying under the provisions of the associated CCS commercial agreement. The signup and logon process enables CCS to ensure that only valid buyers can access the catalogues, and provides a number of system functions based on this logon and user profile.

Where does my registration data go and/or where is it stored?

Registration data is stored securely within the CCS platform, at secure data centres.

How do I update my user information, for example if I change jobs or work location?

A change of user organisation will necessitate a new signup, as organisations are linked to email address functionality as well as organisation name. A system housekeeping process will ensure that unused accounts, after prompting, will be deactivated. Other basic changes, such as default delivery address, can be accessed via the "Account" menu at the top of each screen.

I have recently tried to register but can't see any products?

If you have recently tried to register but are unable to see content your account is likely to be in review by the CCS technology team. Once verification of your status is complete you will be granted access. Please contact us for further information if you feel this is taking too long.

Is there a charge to my organisation for buying through The Purchasing Platform?

No - access to and use of The Purchasing Platform is free to all qualifying central government and wider public sector organisations, including registered charities and third sector organisations, as are any underpinning CCS Commercial Agreements (Frameworks, DPS, etc.) that support content on the platform.